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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Flickr upload plugin for iPhoto

iP2F Logotagtraum industries, the maker of beaTunes, has just released the second beta version of iP2F, a new Flickr upload plugin for iPhoto.

Before you upload to Flickr, the plugin lets you resize, rename, describe and tag your images with smart, tokenfields. iP2F also lets you create photosets and add images to existing sets and pools. During all operations your EXIF image meta data (camera model, exposure, etc.) is preserved.

All that and more is packaged into an intuitive, clean, and modern user interface.

To try out the current beta version you don't need to buy the plugin. However, while iP2F is still in beta, you can already purchase a license for the final version for only $9.95. The regular price will be $14.95.

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