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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who will create a Wikipedia entry about beaTunes?

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Are you a contributor to Wikipedia? If so, I would really appreciate it, if you created a page about beaTunes and made sure it is linked to the Harmonic Mixing, the Beatmixing and the iTunes page.

Here's why:

Briefly after the launch of beaTunes 2, I went ahead and added a half sentence about beaTunes to the Harmonic Mixing page on Wikipedia. I had noticed that the page lists most of the available key detection software that's out there, and since beaTunes 2 with its new key detection feature is now one of them, I figured that needs to be added. Now, for lots of good reasons, Wikipedia is really big on conflict of interest (COI), which is why I kept my edits to a bare, factual minimum.

To a list of key detection software I added the statement:

the same can also be achieved with [[beaTunes]] by [[tagtraum industries]].

Additionally, I added a link to the beaTunes site in the link section of the page.

And to make sure that whoever reviews my edits knows that I am affiliated with beaTunes, I wrote just that in the comment section of my edit.

I figured, that by declaring my COI, somebody else would look at the edit, realize that it is factually right, desirable and a valuable addition to the page - and therefore worth keeping.

So far I was wrong. Somebody did look at it, but simply removed it, stating COI - apparently without considering the content of my edits.

I contacted the person and we'll see what happens.

In any case. I believe that beaTunes should be mentioned in Wikipedia, but obviously can't do it myself. If you are reading this, you are most likely a beaTunes user, an expert so to say. Why don't you create a beaTunes page on Wikipedia? And enhance the Harmonic Mixing page? Or any other page, that you think would benefit from mentioning beaTunes?

And to be clear: I am an avid Wikipedia user myself and value it quite a bit (even wrote a little Wikipedia beaTunes plugin for it). Please stay factual. Don't write anything that could be seen as promotion, adhere to the guidelines. Contact me, if you need any additional information for your article.


Update 4/15/2009: Looks like somebody created an English beaTunes page on Wikipedia.


Now only the link in Harmonic Mixing is still missing and of course a German entry... :-)

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