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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update for Last.FM tag importer

beaTunes2 logoThis is a small update for the Last.FM tag plugin... Couple of things got fixed. E.g. in some cases all tags were imported.

  • Binary plugin - just place into beaTunes' plugin folder (make sure to remove the old version!)
  • Source code - Maven2 project

Please see this posting to find out how to install the plugin.

Also, please note that the code is licensed under LGPL - so you are free to use it pretty much any way you want, modify it, make it better etc. The only thing that's missing from the source is the API key - you would have to get your own. If you have any questions about the code, please contact me!


Because it's been asked - this is how you change the number of tags that are included:

  • install Maven2
  • download the source code for the plugin from the news blog
  • edit the file, line 236 (if (tags.size() >= 3) {) - you simply have to increase that number
  • make sure you enter a valid HTTP user agent and a valid Last.FM API key at the top of the file (there are comments telling you where)
  • build it with mvn clean install
  • the build result will be in the target subdirectory

And of course it always helps to read the README.txt file :-)

Please discuss possible problems in the (still quite new and empty) Plugins Forum.


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