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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brace yourself!

beaTunes2 logoThis new version of the Last.FM tag importer allows you brace tags in curly braces, e.g. {myTag} - making it easier to search for them in the iTunes comments field. For installation instructions, please see the installation FAQ.

  • Binary plugin - just place into beaTunes' plugin folder (make sure to remove the old version!)
  • Source code - Maven2 project


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Blogger fontgoddess said...

First, let me thank you for beaTunes. It streamlines a level of metadata nerdery that would otherwise take a host of programs and resources cobbled together, as well as providing unique features no one else has quite duplicated. Thank you for your care and effort on this uniquely handy program.

I have some requests for this plugin:
Can you make it possible to bracket the entirety of anything pre-existing in the comments tag with these brackets [like this]?
Also, could you make it possible to set a customizable prefix and suffix for the tag block, as well as customizable spacer characters? The style I use for tags in my mp3 ID3 comment field are structured like this:
[existing comment data] {(tag)(tag2)(tag3)(tag4)}

An actual example comment field from my collection:
[] {(*****)(folk)(blues)(mellow)(tension)(soundtrack)}

This system allows me to annotate where I got the track, back up my personal star rating into the actual file (5 stars in this example), and add genre and mood tags that I've created myself and/or imported from If you added the ability to customize the tag block prefix, suffix, and separator characters, it would greatly simplify my ability to implement my system, and it would increase the flexibility of the plugin for other users.

Thank you again for your time and your program. :)

April 16, 2010 at 4:44:00 PM EST  

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