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Monday, August 16, 2010

Importing Metadata from Filename

beaTunes2 logoBefore there was id3 most people organized their music by using folder and filenames. E.g.:

.../U2/How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb/01 Vertigo.mp3

Unfortunately, iTunes ignores folder structures when importing files, so all the valuable metadata is lost. This plugin offers a first step in recovering this information by allowing you to read the folder names and write them as album, artist, title and tracknumber to the iTunes database (and the id3 tags).

After installation, the plugin will show up in your Analysis Options dialog. It offers a couple of pre-defined patterns you can pick from. These patterns should cover about 80% of the typical cases. If your file/folder naming schema does not fit any of these patterns, don't use this plugin!

As always when mass-processing any files, try it out with just a few files and if you are uncertain of the outcome, don't do it or first create a backup that you know how to restore.

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