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Thursday, January 19, 2012

beaTunes 3.5 Early Access 5: small and BIG Fixes

beaTunes2 logoTesting pays off. Always. Latest proof of this truism is a subtle but nasty bug I found in one of beaTunes' BPM algorithms. It's fixed as of EA5, but earlier 3.5-EA releases definitely produced bad results. Other changes in this release are some small inspection improvements, but not much else on the beaTunes side of things.

That said, the Windows version now comes with a bundled Java 7 runtime.

As always, there is some more info in the NOTES.txt file.

Alright, here's the obligatory warning: Before downloading and installing this, please make sure you understand what Early Access means:

  • Absolutely no warranty for whatever
  • Features may or may not work, appear, and disappear
  • It may not be possible to migrate data to future or previous versions (even though I make a reasonable effort)
  • This version will cease to function one week after its release
  • You cannot buy this version

And here are the download links:


For those still using beaTunes 2: beaTunes 3.x changes beaTunes' internal database layout quite a bit, which takes a while. Do not interrupt this process, even if it takes very long! beaTunes 2.x will not be able to use the database anymore, after you ran beaTunes 3.x. If you intend to try 3.x and then go back to 2.x, make sure you back up the database before you try 3.x (depending on your OS it's in ~/Library/Application Support/beaTunes/Database, C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\tagtraum industries\beaTunes\database or C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\tagtraum industries\beaTunes\database)! You also might want to check out this article about exporting beaTunes data.


Please provide feedback! Let me know what does not work. Especially audio decoding problems, OutOfMemoryErrors and UI hangs and hiccups.


PS: The update from 3.0 to 3.5 will be free.

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