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Thursday, May 22, 2014

beaTunes 3.5.19

beaTunes3 logoJust like the last couple of releases, this is a minor update that fixes—you guessed it—minor issues.

You can get the updated version via the regular download page.

64bit support on Windows

Also, I'd like to offer a 64bit version for Windows. This version requires Windows 7 or later. Because it does not use QuickTime anymore, some audio formats like Apple Lossless are not supported.

You can get it here.

BTW: I've been talking about beaTunes 4 for quite a while now... and it's not going to take much longer. Look forward to the next step in world-class BPM and key detection! Plus a bunch of exciting new features!

Changes in 3.5.19

  • Increased lyrics timeouts.
  • Added fallback for creating Matchlists for very large libraries.
  • Window painting speed-up.
  • Fixed rendering of disabled inspectors.
  • Fixed issue with mp3 rating import.
  • Fixed LuckyLyrics import.

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Blogger Adrianne said...

Even though I purchased 3.x and the notification that pops up when I open Beatunes states that the upgrade to 3.5.19 (from 18) is free, the site appears to disagree. The links from the app that I follow to the Download page do not offer 3.5.19. They only have 3.5.18 listed for Mac. The 19 version is only available on the Buy page of your site. Please fix this.

May 24, 2014 at 9:16:00 PM EST  

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