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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Playing nicely with Traktor

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As it turns out, Traktor Pro 2 unfortunately does not understand the M3U8 playlists exported by beaTunes (right-click on playlist, export), but only the less capable, bare-bones M3U format. Since Traktor is the software of choice for many, I naturally want beaTunes to play nicely with it. Therefore today's update contains two new playlist exporters: M3U and PLS. The M3U implementation makes sure to not include any comments or such and encodes its content as required by the "spec" with the ISO-8859-1/Latin 1 character set. This implies, that any non-Western characters not representable in this character set, must not be used in filenames. M3U8 on the other hand, uses Unicode and does not have this shortcoming. Just as a reminder: If you ever want to write your own exporter, you can.

Also, if you intend to use analysis results like BPM and key in third party apps like Traktor, please make sure to embed your results in the audio files. Otherwise Traktor won't be able to see them. To read more about where beaTunes stores its data, please read this article.

The second feature addition in 4.0.5 will hopefully make some people with lots of audiobooks happy. As requested, beaTunes now allows you to exclude audiobooks and iTunes U files from inspection and bulk analysis. To enable this, you have to check the appropriate boxes in both the analysis and inspection preferences (see screenshot).

As always, you can download the software from the download section of the website.

Most important changes in 4.0.5

  • Fixed Discogs search URL.
  • Fixed memory allocation issues in playlist sync.
  • Added M3U playlist exporter.
  • Added PLS playlist exporter.
  • Added code to attempt import of mood tags on library creation.
  • Added ability to ignore audiobooks and iTunes U files in inspection and analysis.
  • Update of playlist sort order during analysis.
  • Updated bundled JRE.
  • Show OutOfMemory dialog at most once.
  • Switched to G1 garbage collector.
  • Updated Yosemite support.

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