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Friday, February 27, 2015

beaTunes 4.0.20 —taking diagonal mixes into account

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More or less as a consequence of some unannounced Discogs API changes from 2/20/2015, beaTunes 4.0.20 was released today. Primary purpose of this update is to re-enable cover art import from Discogs via the Import metadata analysis task and the Get Info dialog pane. Another minor change in this release is an improved Similar Key rule, which now takes the "diagonal" mix as well as several energy boost mixes into account. This should help finding a good transition order, when using a match ruleset with emphasis on key, as additional transitions become feasible. For a good overview of harmonic mixing techniques, take a look at this article by Radley Marx. Diagonal key transitions are now also considered, i.e. there is no warning for them in the transition column anymore.

You can download the software from the download section of the website.

Most important changes in 4.0.20

  • Fixed Discogs cover fetching caused by Discogs API change.
  • Added diagonal mix (Xd <-> X+1m) to valid key transitions.
  • Improved similar key rule to support diagonal mix and energy boost.
  • Improved 'Open in MusicBrainz'.
  • Moved to CASampledSP 0.9.9.
  • Moved to japlscript 3.1.1.


There was a minor mess-up with the OS X version of this release, related to dylib dependencies, which is now fixed. If you see a related error message, please simply download again.

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