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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Introducing Quick-Search

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With increasing collection sizes, navigating the library becomes more and more difficult. Of course you can filter and search, but quickly going to an album or artist with just a couple of keystrokes is probably the easiest way to navigate. Starting with beaTunes 4.5.3, this is now possible.

Here's how:

For quick-search to work, you need to sort your library by one of the textual columns, e.g. Artist or Album. Make sure the table has the keyboard focus and then start typing the first couple of letters of what you are searching for. In an overlay, beaTunes will show those letters and—once you stop typing—scroll to the next matching row.

As mentioned above, this works for pretty much all textual fields and one additional column: BPM. So when the table is sorted by BPM, you can simply type 100 and beaTunes will scroll to the first song with 100 beats per minute.

There are a couple of other improvements and fixes. Details can be found below. As always, you can download the update from the download section of the website.

Most important changes in 4.5.3

  • Fixed exception after clearing ignored issues.
  • Fixed HiDPI drag and drop images.
  • Fixed error in bpm range coercion arithmetic.
  • Fixed exclusion of audiobooks/iTunesU/home videos from analysis.
  • Added current heap memory use info to About dialog.
  • Added quick-search popup for sorted playlists.
  • Added visual indicator for computed ratings.
  • Improved sync of folder-based-library.
  • Improved built-in Help.
  • Improved AppleScript/COM error reporting.
  • Improved handling of digital booklets.
  • Improved different album artist inspection.

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