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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Faster Graphics, no Blank Lines

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Among other things, today's update fixes a couple of display issues. If you have ever seen blank lines in the main song table—this update is for you. In general, beaTunes will feel a little faster and scrolling around in huge lists should be more responsive. Also related to graphics: the choice of GPU (graphics adapter) on OS X. There really is no reason why beaTunes should use the high performance GPU. Thanks to a recent Java update (8u92), beaTunes is now able to request the integrated GPU instead of the high performance one, resulting in lower power consumption. And as beaTunes comes bundled with a Java runtime, there is no need for you to update your system's Java to get this feature.

Another important bug fix deals with Album Replay Gain. Because the beaTunes analysis queue processes multiple tracks in parallel and independently, computing Album Replay Gain is a little like dealing with a pink, spotted elephant: All tracks for an album have to be loaded, analyzed and the metadata has to be written, while another analysis thread may already work on one of those files. Compared to all other values beaTunes computes, this is a big exception and requires some extra synchronization logic. For 4.6.1, this logic has been completely rewritten.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this update. As always, you can download it from the download section of the website.

Most important changes in 4.6.1

  • Fixed dragging songs from the main table to other programs.
  • Fixed write failures of Album Replay Gain values.
  • Fixed main table repaint issue (blank list until scroll).
  • Fixed launch failure when installed in folder with + char.
  • Improved sort order of different genre issues (by artist).
  • Improved speed of table rendering code for iCloud songs.
  • Improved matching of online metadata when Earliest Release is checked.
  • Reduced power consumption on OS X by allowing use of integrated GPU.
  • Updated to FFSampledSP 0.9.13.

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