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Friday, October 27, 2017

Let Apple know that High Sierra bugs bug you

In theory, this blog post should be about how great beaTunes works on High Sierra, Apple's latest version of macOS. Unfortunately, Apple still hasn't fixed an embarrassing bug, which is why beaTunes users have problems using their software on High Sierra: Unless you start beaTunes with English as your system language, the menu bar may not work properly. The obvious workaround: change your system language to English and then start beaTunes. But really—who wants to do that just to start an application?

It seems to me that Apple never ran a Java application under a non-English language before they shipped High Sierra. One might argue that a billion dollar company should have better quality control...

I'm also under the impression that Apple classified the bug that prevents beaTunes to work properly as a low priority bug. The simplest way to change that is to tell Apple it's not. How do you do that?

By filing a (duplicate) bug report.

Simply go to, log in with your Apple Id and describe the problem like this:


In a Java app, when the System property "apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar" is set to "true", the JMenuBar instance set on the displayed frame should appear in the macOS screen menu bar. This is not the case under macOS High Sierra 10.13.0 when the application is run from an .app bundle with a non-English system language.

Steps to Reproduce:


Expected Results:

The menu bar should contain a "File" item that's clickable.
The application menu item should contain the usual suspects, incl. "Quit".

Actual Results:

The file menu item is missing.
The application menu item is empty.
For more details see the screen capture


OpenJDK Java 8_144
macOS 10.13.0

FYI: This bug report is a duplicate of 34117157.

By the way, beaTunes is not the only software that suffers. Pretty much all of JetBrains' products are broken, too. Hopefully, if enough people file the same report, Apple wakes up and fixes the issue quickly.

That all aside, beaTunes 5.0.5 is out! As always, you can download the new version from the download section of the website.

Changes in 5.0.5

  • Improved "Open in..." file extension support for Windows.
  • Improved statusbar to show data about selected songs.
  • Improved handling of MIK key data.
  • Improved support for APFS (High Sierra).
  • Improved artwork lookup via Discogs.
  • Added write progress dialog to multi get info pane.
  • Changed grouping/work behaviour.
  • Fixed odd NPE on Windows when MyDocuments is root folder.
  • Fixed gamma issue with application icons (High Sierra).
  • Fixed multiple showing of identical notifications.
  • Fixed key matching with SYNC button enabled for small sources.

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