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Monday, June 24, 2019

Avoiding Amazon Integration Failures

As already mentioned in Dec 2018, Amazon has decided to cut off access to its advertising API for associates who do not drive enough revenue. This has now happened for the German Amazon integration in beaTunes, which is why charts, Amazon info and Amazon recommendations currently aren't shown anymore (the error message is misleading, it's indicating a network problem).

If you are interested in a working Amazon integration in beaTunes, you can help fix this: The next time you want to buy something on the German Amazon website, click on this link and then continue shopping. Any sale within 24h of clicking that link will cause Amazon to allow API requests again, which in turn re-enables the Amazon integration in beaTunes. Obviously, this will also generate referral fees for me. But we are talking about cents, perhaps dollars per month—no large sums. Trust me, this won't make me rich.

The link above only works for the German integration. Please use the following links for French, English and Japanese:

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