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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

New beaTunes Snapshot for Catalina

Good news! Notarization turned out not to be as difficult as previously thought. But it required more internal changes to beaTunes than anticipated. Obviously, that's a good reason to post another snapshot that contains these changes. And because they are not just about packaging, but the bundled Java runtime, the Windows version is affected as well. In essence, I had to move from Java 8 to Java 11. One of the consequences is that using macOS 10.11 or later is now recommended.

Please give this new snapshot a shot (ha! please excuse the pun), if you're on macOS 10.15/Catalina or Windows and feel adventurous.

Currently there are no known issues. But keep in mind that you cannot simply go back to v5.1.x, because the internal database will be changed the first time you run v5.2.x. So, if your database is valuable to you, please keep a backup!

Here are the two links:

Please report feedback in the forum.

Thank you!

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