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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

beaTunes 1.1 Early Access 1

beaTunes logoAfter quite a big of work, we are proud to post the first Early Access version of beaTunes 1.1. For those who don't know - Early Access is what we call our betas. Early Access versions usually stop working one week after they have been released. There is no way you can buy an Early Access version. Usually, we'll either post a new Early Access release or a final for sale release.

This is an almost feature complete release. This means there are many, many improvements for you to check out.

One prominent one is the new blogging support. We have rewritten much of the underlying code to support Atom 1.0, customizable playlist styles, tags, etc. You can now choose the columns you want displayed and even re-arrange them by dragging. We would love to get some feedback about this! Please use the tagtraum email address on this page, since we are still having mail server trouble.

Here are the links to the new release:

Note that your system has to fulfill the requirements outlined on the regular download page.



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