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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Key Ingredients

beaTunes keysThe bad news first: beaTunes 1.1 will not feature automatic tonal key detection.

However, we have made an effort to provide better support for harmonic mixing. Whenever you analyze an mp3 file, beaTunes 1.1 will check whether the ID3 tags contain any key data. If the key tag is present, it is read and copied into beaTunes' database. This means, it is also shown in the playlist views. This at least lets you take advantage of other tools' key detection.

Additionally, to allow DJ's to instantaneously see whether two keys match, beaTunes now renders keys in the colors defined by the Camelot Easymix system. In fact, when you hover with the mouse over a key, the tooltip even shows you the Camelot keycode (e.g. C Major = 8B).

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