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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

beaTunes 1.1 is released

beaTunes LogoWe are proud to announce version 1.1 of beaTunes - the iTunes add-on for Mac & Windows, popular especially amongst DJs, athletes and audiophiles.

beaTunes analyzes the color and tempo (BPM) of your songs, intelligently creates playlists of matching songs, corrects your iTunes Music Library (typos, wrong genres, etc.), lets you blog about your playlists, and more.

Whether you need to build a compelling DJ set or workout-playlist for your Nike + iPod, beaTunes can help.

It lets you build better playlists.

Version 1.1 stays true to the original concept - but makes it even better. We have tuned the user interface, improved support for multi-core systems, introduced match rulesets, and completely rewritten the blogging component.

Get your free 7 day trial copy from:

And let us know, what you think!



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