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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Create compelling Playlists incrementally

Many of you use beaTunes for analyzing BPM and color in order to use the Matchlist feature. But that's certainly not the only way to take advantage of beaTunes' unique song matching capabilities.

Another way to create cool sounding playlists is to take advantage of the Matching Songs window.

To do so, we first search for a particular song to start the playlist with (Monika Tanzband by Anajo) and create a New Playlist from Selection. Then we rename the playlist, select the one and only song, and open the Matching Songs window.

The Matching Song window shows songs that match the selected song in the main view according to the configured song matching preferences. To check, whether one of the shown songs is really a match, we play it in iTunes - then we drag it to the position in the playlist where we want to insert it and drop it.

Since the newly added song does not match the search filter, the song isn't shown until we remove the filter.

The video shows how we procede with this approach for 4 songs.

Not shown in the video is that the songs in the Matching Songs window are updated in real time when you change your song matching preferences. Give it a shot!

We hope you enjoy this powerful new way of building playlists.



Blogger Loopy C said...

Cool, thanks for putting this together. It was the potential of this aspect of beaTunes that excited me the most, and even though this is the application at it's most basic level of this inate power it provides a foundation of how you as developer approach and work with these features.

Hope you will post more 'ruminations' along these lines to further inspire the art and science of the playlist and the tools beaTunes contributes to this pursuit ;-)

January 4, 2007 at 11:28:00 AM EST  

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