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Monday, August 13, 2007

1.2.2 Development Snapshot 1

beaTunes LogoWith the use of CoreAudio in the latest beaTunes release, many things changed and some didn't work out as well as others. Since it makes little sense to release a full update every two days, we decided to post one or more development snapshots before the actual 1.2.2 version. These snapshots aren't full releases and usually they will popup a dialog saying that you should update. Just ignore that dialog.

And even though these snapshots are really just snapshots, we will make sure that they don't contain any blatant bugs that could screw you.

If you are experiencing problems with beaTunes - be it crashes or that things simply don't work as expected - please try one of these:

The snapshot fixes issues with changes from inspections not being stored in iTunes on Windows and crashes that occurred on OS X when analyzing mono files.



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