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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let the music follow You

As you all know, beaTunes has the ability to measure the tempo of your music. Many runners use it to create playlists with a certain BPM and then exercise to that tempo. But what if you did it the other way around? What if you were already walking or running and wanted to listen to music that matches your speed? Well, there is a new software for iPhone and iPod Touch called SynchStep that does just that.

Developer Greg Elliott has been tinkering with the concept of a personal soundtrack for a while. Early incarnations of the idea were custom built devices - the new iPhone approach does not need any additional hardware. It's all about the user:

"This device is not concerned with an optimal workout or improving the health of america. It is intended to de-optimize us, and do away with the notion of an 'optimal' walk or run. There is no program to follow, or pre-determined track; you begin walking and the computer follows you, adapting to you and your walking style without protest. It supports meandering, wasting time, and loitering."

The software is currently in private beta.

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