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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Managing Plugins

I have this unfortunate habit of starting blog entries with sentences like "Some of you may have wondered ..." or "As you have probably noticed ...". Well. Perhaps some of you really have noticed that the blog support has been removed from beaTunes 3. But I doubt it.

The sad truth is, hardly anyone has ever used this feature and because it was hardly used, it was in fairly bad shape, which of course led to less use. The vicious circle of a non-essential feature. What do you do with a feature that's not really necessary? One, that's not the product's core? Right, you either kill it or you make it a plugin.

This is exactly what happened to the blog support. So if you are one of the very few who liked and used the blog support, you will need to install the blog plugin. And that's the real reason for this post.

beaTunes 3 now has a built-in plugin manager that allows you to discover, download and install plugins via the preference panel.

Just open the beaTunes preferences and go to the Plugin pane. There you can inspect which plugins are currently installed, uninstall them, update them or check out other available plugins. One of the plugins currently available is the blog plugin. Others are old friends, like the keytocomment or the plugin.

If you want your Java plugin to be listed here, please contact me through the support forum. For now, plugins need to be submitted as Maven projects in source code.

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