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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Digital DJ Tips favorably reviews beaTunes 3

beaTunes2 logoPhil Morse over at Digital DJ Tips posted a beaTunes 3 review and compared it with automatic mp3 music taggers. From the review:

OK, now imagine the same journey in the same car, but instead of giving it to the garage, you take it to a specialist restorer and engine tuner. They get it working better than new, and explain to you all of its features, foibles and little tricks of the trade. Suitably armed, you get online and research the route for your trip, sharing recommendations and getting "insider secrets" for every step of your route, fine-tuning it to suit exactly what you imagine your trip should be like. How much do you think you'll enjoy this trip?

What you've just done is the equivalent of using beaTunes 3 on your music collection.

Sounds to me like he liked my software ;-)



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