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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cover Art Archive updated

beaTunes2 logoJust a short note, to let you know, that I updated the Cover Art Archive plugin to version 1.0.1. The update is available via the beaTunes plugin preferences for beaTunes 3.5.14 or later. For more info about the plugin, please see the original post. The corresponding Maven project (i.e. sources) is also available. This new release stores cover art URLs in the local beaTunes database, additionally to storing the actual images. Also, already available local release ids are now taken into account, making it more likely for the plugin to find images.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

beaTunes 3.5.14

beaTunes2 logoIt's been a little while since the last update. This is mainly due to my involvement in the SampledSP project. SampledSP serves as an upstream open source project to beaTunes, allowing it to get to raw audio data (i.e. PCM) on both Windows and OS X. This is essential for the analysis of songs. In the past weeks the libraries for Core Audio, Media Foundation, and FFmpeg all got some love. While FFSampledSP will not be included in beaTunes before the next major version, I updated MFSampledSP for this release.

In a first step towards solving Java memory problems, beaTunes now shows its memory configuration in its About dialog and prints a corresponding message to its logs. The displayed values are the minimum and maximum heap sizes. This at least allows users experiencing memory problems to quickly check how beaTunes is currently configured (on OS X beaTunes 3 has no way of remembering its configuration when you update—changes do get lost).

QuickTime problems on Windows

Unfortunately, this release wasn't as smooth for the Windows folks as I would have liked it to be. The original 3.5.14 version contained a bug that prevented beaTunes from loading the audiokern-win.dll. The bug is fixed and the link on the website it updated. Should you have run into this issue, please download beaTunes again, install it, and make sure the built date in the About dialog is July 11. This applies to the Windows version only.

Changes in 3.5.14

  • Moved to MFSampledSP 0.9.1.
  • Memory (heap) min/max now shown in About dialog and logs.
  • Fixed potential OutOfMemory problem when ignoring many issues.
  • Improved Java based audio player.

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