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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

beaTunes 3.5.18

beaTunes3 logoJust like 3.5.17, this is a minor update that fixes—you guessed it—minor issues.

You can get the updated version via the regular download page.

Java7 support on OS X

Just like for previous releases, I'd like to put a version out there that contains a bundled Java7 runtime environment. This version requires a 64bit OS X 10.7.3 or later. It does not explicitly support Retina displays.

You can get it here.

Please note that the Java 7 version is not properly signed, because of changes in Apple's codesign tool. To run it, you must turn Gatekeeper off—otherwise OS X will tell you that the app is broken and should be moved to the trash.

64bit support on Windows

Also I'd like to offer a 64bit version for Windows. This version requires Windows 7 or later. Because it does not use QuickTime anymore, some audio formats like Apple Lossless are not supported.

You can get it here.

Changes in 3.5.18

  • Updated Windows JRE
  • Fixed some intra-list drag and drop issues
  • Fixed track id deadlock issue in filesystem-based libraries
  • Song ratings for iTunes libraries can now be embedded
  • Fixed middle-of-song silence issue
  • Fixed matchlist filter with ranges
  • Workaround for //?/ paths on Windows (issue seems to be caused by the Amazon MP3 downloader)
  • Small Retina related fixes for OS X

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