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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Help: Fixed

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beaTunes 4.0.7 is an maintenance release, tweaking a number of things, fixing other small things. The only slightly more interesting fix, is the re-organization of the English online help, i.e. the help that's available in the app itself via the Help menu. Apparently some people were unable to access it. This issue should now be fixed. If you still have trouble using help, please contact me.

As always, you can download the software from the download section of the website.

Most important changes in 4.0.7

  • Fixed NPE in MatchListDialog key rendering.
  • Fixed OS X Help.
  • Fixed clip of transition renderer.
  • Fixed playlist name editable after creation.
  • Fixed wrong song dragged from sorted matching songs.
  • Fixed move per drag in new playlist.
  • Added full text index rebuild to database repair.
  • Moved to japlscript 3.0.6.

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