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Monday, June 5, 2017

The little things: smart mass-editing

The upcoming beaTunes 5 contains a lot of little changes that are too many to talk about in great detail. Nevertheless, I'd like to point out one of these little things. Like most other music library management apps, beaTunes lets you edit properties like the album or artist name inline, i.e. in the main table view. When you do so in version 5, beaTunes will not just write the desired edit, but also check, if it could apply the same change to other songs as well. After all, you hardly ever want to change an album name for a single song—you want to change it for all songs in an album. So if it makes sense to make the same change for other songs, beaTunes asks you, what you'd like to do.

Similar checks are in place for the fields album artist, composer, compilation, sort artist, genre, etc.

I bet this will make your life a little bit easier.



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