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Monday, August 3, 2020

Update: beaTunes 5.2.11

This maintenance update contains a couple of small fixes and improvments, one of which, I'd like to discuss is greater detail. As you may or may not know, beaTunes can automatically export all playlists to the playlist file format of your choice whenever you change a list (setting in the general preferences). Typically, I tell people to be careful with this feature as exporting the whole library all the time can swallow considerable resources and leads to an overall less responsive system. However, if you consider this a key feature and have it turned on, you may be happy to read that the export is now also triggered by external changes to your playlists. In other words, when you use an iTunes- or collection and modify some playlists in iTunes or, beaTunes will recognize during the next synchronization that something has changed and automatically export those lists using the configured format. The neat thing about this is, that it fills a gap in iTunes'/'s functionality that is otherwise hard it fill.

As always, you can download the new version from the download section of the website.

Changes in 5.2.11

  • Fixed excessive status bar updates clogging database access.
  • Fixed issue with using non-standard genre names in Get Info panel.
  • Improved accessibility of context menus (selection on right-click).
  • Improved peeking.
  • Improved automatic playlist export to also consider external changes.



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