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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pardon my French

beaTunes2 logoLiterally, please pardon my French! beaTunes has offered a French user interface for a long time, but unfortunately it has never been the best. As time went by, quality decreased even more. Unfortunately, as two years of high school French don't quite make me a fluent speaker, ensuring a stellar translation, is a hard to impossible undertaking for me. Professional help is required. Motivated by some constructive user comments, I hired a professional translator recently to clean things up. The result is in the latest update. beaTunes 3.5.15 contains the sparkling new French localization. Should you still notice any oddities, please let me know!

Changes in 3.5.15

  • Improved French localization.
  • Switched to using non-sequential ids for folder-based libraries.
  • Fixed Get Info for last item in list.
  • Improved context menus.
  • Upon playback failure, beaTunes now opens default external player.
  • Added JavaFX-based audio player.
  • Removed annoying database lock check.
  • Updated inspection progress dialog.
  • Fixed duplicate file issue on drop.
  • Fixed Amazon integration.



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