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Thursday, May 22, 2014

beaTunes 3.5.19

beaTunes3 logoJust like the last couple of releases, this is a minor update that fixes—you guessed it—minor issues.

You can get the updated version via the regular download page.

64bit support on Windows

Also, I'd like to offer a 64bit version for Windows. This version requires Windows 7 or later. Because it does not use QuickTime anymore, some audio formats like Apple Lossless are not supported.

You can get it here.

BTW: I've been talking about beaTunes 4 for quite a while now... and it's not going to take much longer. Look forward to the next step in world-class BPM and key detection! Plus a bunch of exciting new features!

Changes in 3.5.19

  • Increased lyrics timeouts.
  • Added fallback for creating Matchlists for very large libraries.
  • Window painting speed-up.
  • Fixed rendering of disabled inspectors.
  • Fixed issue with mp3 rating import.
  • Fixed LuckyLyrics import.

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